Aerial Photography and Video


Unique aerial photographs of your business, home, church, event, and activities


Sweeping panoramas, flybys and tracking of still or moving scenes. You participate in the direction of the shots. Awesome special effects included.


Our staff is FEMA certified and can participate in private and public search and rescue operations. Private searches for lost pets.

Aerial Photography and Video in the New age of Drones
  • We utilize the latest technology in commercial drones. These features are highlighted by:

    • Professional grade cameras

    • Advanced flight management

    • Tracking capabilities on moving people or objects

    • Processing technology that eliminates vibration and jerkiness of hand-held videos

    • Post production special effects to enhance your photos and video

    • Optional audio of your choice to add to the final video

  • Our pilots are Federal Aviation Administration commercially licensed and are fully qualified and experienced to operate and coordinate your projects.

  • The photography or video sessions can be planned on our applications to reduce time in the field and achieve best results.

  • At SkyLeader you are the director. Our staff will partner with you to plan your exact specifications and preview the session.