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SkyLeader own's the most advanced and current Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or "Drones". Each Drone has numerous safety and control systems that make them the safest Drones currently available.

We use state-of-the-art video that can record 4K Ultra High Definition video. Our photographic cameras have advanced features such as zoom, panoramic photos, and high resolution. 

Eric Leader is the founder of SkyLeader Aerial.

Eric has an extensive and diverse background in the studying of eco-sciences, as a professor and as a technology executive throughout the Southwest and the Pacific Coast. Eric has decided to combine his passions of technology and the environment together into his new SkyLeader business.

Eric has an FAA commercial pilot's license for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Eric fly's under federal Aviation Administration rules and laws. His hobbies also include time as an experienced sailor and pilot as well as an adventurer in the land and on the seas.

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